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Larry King

Larry King, original name Lawrence Harvey Zeiger (born November 19, 1933), is a famous CNN broadcaster who hosts a nightly interview program called Larry King Live.

Before joining CNN in the late 1980s, King hosted a similar interview program on the radio.

His interview style is characteristically frank and no-nonsense, but with occasional bursts of irreverence and humor. He has interviewed numerous politicians, movie stars, authors, directors, and musicians over the years, but also many "minor celebrities" who may be making their debut on his show. Musical guests often perform at the show's end, and other special features such as "on site" interviews and "panel discussions" are also common.

Unlike many interviewers, Larry King has a somewhat outlandish and eccentric personality. His large glasses, rolled up sleeves, tie, and suspenders have become his trademark, and he never appears on the show wearing anything different. His various personal interests, such as his love of sports and his hometown of New York City are frequently brought up in interviews, both by King himself and the interviewee.

Larry King's numerous failed marriages are also somewhat legendary. He is currently on wife number 9.