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Crossfire (television)

Crossfire is a current events debate program on CNN. It first aired in 1982.

The show is hosted by two men, one whom is chosen "from the right" and one "from the left," thus purporting to provide both sides of the political spectrum.

The "left" hosts are Democrats Paul Begala and James Carville. The "right" hosts are Republicans Robert Novak and Tucker Carlson.

The show always features two additional "left and right" guests on each topic of discussion. Argument is encouraged, and the show is often characterized as having a somewhat chaotic (though entertaining) approach to political discussion.

Previous regular hosts include Tom Braden, Pat Buchanan, Larry Elder, Michael Kinsley, Mary Matalin, John H. Sununu and Cal Thomas.

In April 2003, Crossfire was reduced from a full-hour long show to just half an hour.