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Clone Wars

The Clone Wars (22 - c. 20 BBY) is a fictional war described in the Star Wars series of movies, and featured in the two latter episodes of the prequel trilogy, Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode III. The war was fought between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The first battle of the Clone War is the Battle of Geonosis (featured in Attack of the Clones). The final battle of the Clone Wars will be featured in Star Wars Episode III.

The video game Clone Wars was released in 2002 for Playstation 2, GameCube, and Xbox live in 2002. It begins at where Attack of the Clones leaves off. It takes place on the planets of Geonosis, Raxus Prime, Rhen Var, Kazhyyyk Moon, and Thule.

The Cartoon Microseries "Clone War" started airing in November, 2003 on Cartoon Network. It was a series of 20 3-minute-long episodes showing some of the battles of the War.

There are several books in the process of being published that will also discuss the Clone War.

It's intersting to note that this conflict is called both the "Clone War" and the "Clone Wars." Most likely the cause for this is due to the fact that it is indeed one large war across the galaxy while at the same time it is smaller wars taking place on various planets and not always being just a bettle between the Seperatists and the Republic.

See also the Hundred Years Darkness, The Great Hyperspace War, The Great Sith War and The Galactic Civil War.