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Chimaltenango is the name of a department of Guatemala as well as of the largest city in the department.

Table of contents
1 Chimaltenango Department
2 The City of Chimaltenango

Chimaltenango Department

Population estimate for Chimaltenango Department in 2000 was 447531 people. The majority of the people in the department are of Cakchiquel Maya decent. The department has an area of 1979 km square.

In addition to the city of Chimaltenango, the department contains the towns of Santa Apolonia (known for its ceramics), Comalapa, and Patzún (known for its elaborate Corpus Christi celebrations in June). Chimaltenango is also home to the Maya civilization ruins of Iximché and Mixco Viejo, in addition to many smaller sites.

The department is divided into the following municipalities: Chimaltenango, San José Poaquil, San Martín Jilotepeque, Comalapa, Santa Apolonia, Tecpán Guatemala, Patzún, Pochuta, Patzicía, Santa Cruz Balanyá, Acatenango, Yepocapa, San Andrés Itzapa, Parramos, Zaragoza y El Tejar.

The department abreviation is CMT.

The City of Chimaltenango

Chimaltenango is a small city of some 43,900 people as of 2002. It is some 35 miles west of Guatemala City, on the Pan-American Highway.

In Pre-Columbian times what is now the city of Chimaltenango was known as B'oko' . Like many other cities in the area, the Spanish Conquistadores used the name of their Nahuatl speaking allies from central Mexico.

The city produces textiles and pottery.

Images of Buildings on the Main Square, Chimaltenango

Government Castle