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Chephren was an Egyptian pharaoh of the IVth dynasty, with his capital at Memphis. According to some authors he was the brother and successor of Khufu, but it is more commonly accepted that Dedefre was Khufu's successor and Chephren was Dedefre's. There is no agreement on the date of his reign, although some authors say it was between 2558 and 2532 BC; this dynasty is commonly dated ca.2650-2480 BC. He built the second Great Pyramid at Giza, the Great Sphinx and a temple, which is the only surviving example of a temple of the period of the Old Kingdom. His name, Khaf-Re, means "of the crown of Re" for some translators and "rise Re!" for others; the meaning is most probably the first, according to the hieroglyphic representing his name, which includes that crown. Other spellings: Khafre, Khaf-Re, Khauf-Re, Khephren.

Mount Chephren is a mountain of namesake in the Canadian Rockies.