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\'Giza (also sometimes rendered in English as Gizeh, Ghizeh and Geezeh') is a town in Egypt on the left bank of the Nile river, across from the old city of Cairo, and now part of the greater Cairo metropolis.

Giza is most famous as the location of some of the most impressive ancient monuments in the world, a complex of Ancient Egyptian royal mortuary and sacred structures, including the Great Sphinx, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and a number of other large pyramids and temples.

Giza pyramids, view from South
From left: Menkaure pyramid, Khafre pyramid, Great (Khufu) pyramid

The most active phase of construction here was in the 25th century BC. These monuments are located some 5 miles inland into the desert from the old town of Giza on the Nile.

19th century tourists in front of the Sphinx
View from South-East, Great Pyramid in background

The Ancient remains of Giza have attracted visitors and tourists since Classical Antiquity, when these Egyptian Old Kingdom monuments were already over 2,000 years old.