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Charytin Goyco (born approx. 1950), better known in the show business plainly as Charytin, is a singer and actress from the Dominican Republic.

Charytin moved to Puerto Rico in the 1960s, where she met her husband, television actor and producer Elin Ortiz. She immediately identified herself with Puerto Rico's living so much, that she started identifying herself as Puerto Rican. During the 1970s, she began a weekly tv show on WAPA-TV and that show lasted until 1985 every Sunday night. During the '70s, Charytin became an international superstar, with her song Mosquita Muerta, named after a character she played on a comedy section of her show, becoming a chart topper in places like Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina. In 1979, she and Elin had their first son, Shalym, who is now a buddying actor that has appeared on Lizzie McGuire among other shows.

During the 1980s, the Puerto Rican press came out with reports that she and fellow singing superstar Iris Chacon were bitter enemies, but both singers deny that to this date.

In 1983, Charytin made a movie in Spanish named Verano En Nueva York. (Summer In New York). One of the songs on that movies soundtracks, Tu Vida Es Un Suspenso Hasta El Final, became another chart topper. In 1986, she and Chacon were together, alongside actor Andres Garcia, for a soap opera named Escandalo. This telenovela did not enjoy much success and was cut by half by the producers. In 1988, Elin, Shalym and her moved to Miami, and in late 1989, she became pregnant again, giving birth in 1990 to a pair of twins: a boy and a girl.

During the early 1990s, she dedicated herself to raising her twins, taking them along on the few tours she did and her several trips to Puerto Rico. Late in the '90s, she returned to tv, hosting a show for a Miami Spanish shopping network. In 2002, she began hosting a gossip show, Escandalos de la Mediadia, for Telefutura, and recently, rumors abounded that she and Chacon will join forces for a tv show in the future.