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Charles III of Naples

Charles III, King of Naples, also known as Charles II of Hungary and Charles of Durazzo, reigned as King of Naples from 1381 to 1386 and as King of Hungary (under the name of King Károly II the Small) for one year only from 1385 to 1386. From 1383 to 1386 he also held the title of Prince of Achaea.

As the great-grandchild of King Charles II of Naples, he was, even though a cousin to Queen Joan I, also adopted by her as a child. Joan I was infatuated with Charles of Durazzo as long as she lived. However, she was never able (much to her displeasure) to succeed in developing a romance or a relationship with him. In 1369 King Charles III married Margherita of Durazzo but was later assassinated at Visegrád (Hungary) on February 24, 1386 (in a plot arranged by Elisabeth, widow of King Lajos I of Hungary) and was laid to rest in Belgrade, the capital of both Serbia and Yugoslavia. Lancelot (son to King Charles III) succeeded the throne of Naples.

Names in other languages: Hungarian: (Durazzoi)III. Károly, Slovak: Karol III (Neapolský)

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Mary of Hungary
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Joan I of Naples
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