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Louis I of Hungary

Louis I (the Great) became king of Hungary in 1342. He was the son of Charles I, king of Hungary, and was related to both the Angevin and Capetian royal families. Become a king of Poland in 1370. He died in 1382.

Louis' mother was Elizabeth, the daughter of Wladyslaw Lokietek, the sister of Casimir III the Great, king of Poland.

When the Polish Piast rulers died out in 1370, Louis became king of Poland.

Louis had two daughters:

Names in other languages: Hungarian: I(Nagy) Lajos, Slovak:Ľudovít I (Veľký)

Preceded by:
Charles I of Hungary
List of Hungarian rulers Succeeded by:
Mary of Hungary

Preceded by:
Casimir III of Poland
List of Polish rulers Succeeded by:
Jadwiga of Poland