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Carnival Airlines

Carnival Airlines was the air division of Carnival Cruise Lines. It was formed in 1988, after Carnival Cruises bought over Pacific Interstate Airlines.

Carnival Airlines started using their parent company's name in 1989, year in which they also began international services, to Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in San Juan, to Rafael Hernandez International Airport in Aguadilla, and to many other Caribbean destinations. At Aguadilla, Carnival and American Trans Air provided the first ever jet services to their airport.

Carnival Airlines was mainly a charter airline, but some regular airline services were also flown, for example, San Juan to Miami International Airport, San Juan to Orlando, and San Juan to Islip.

Most of Carnival's charter service had to do with carrying over cruise passengers to a destination where a Carnival cruise would be awaiting. They did, however, also fly special charters, such as the Miami Heat NBA basketball team's flights. The Heat's flights are now flown by Miami Air.

In 1996, Carnival opened a route from Miami to Lima's Jorge Chavez International Airport. However, decreasing numbers in passengers, specially on the regularly scheduled flights, led to the demise of Carnival Airlines during the late 1990s.

Model airplane wise, Carnival was under contract with Herpa and with Flight Miniatures.

Carnival had, at its height, a fleet composed of Airbus A300, Boeing 727 (22 of those) and Boeing 737 airplanes.