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Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Aguadilla is a small beach town in Northwest Puerto Rico.

Aguadilla has long been the home of the US military's Base Ramey, where military planes of all types land and take-off every single day.

Adjacent to Base Ramey is Rafael Hernandez International Airport, served by American Trans Air, and Tradewinds International Cargo Airlines, both of which fly the L-1011 there, and North American Airlines, flying the Boeing 757 from JFK International Airport in New York City. The airport was formerly flown to by many major airlines, including Pan Am, American Airlines and Carnival Airlines. Another airline, Borinquen International was going to fly L-1011's from there , but after the September 11 Terrorist Attacks those plans have apparently been dashed. Prinair used to oversee domestic service from the airport.

Aguadilla is also the home to the Wrangler jeans manufacturer.

A curious mix of modern day technology and old times small town structures. Aguadilla is a charming little city eagerly waiting for its chance to grow.

Famous Aguadillans include the great composer and singer Rafael Hernandez, who enjoyed a long career that made him widely famous in Cuba and Mexico, and a legend in Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricos most famous Pirate, Pirata Cofresi a legend all over the Caribbean, and BSN player Jerome Mincy.

The city is served by the Rafael Hernandez Airport.