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Caribbean World Series

The Caribbean World Series is a baseball tournament that is played every year, usually during the month of February. In Spanish, it is known as Serie Del Caribe.

The Caribbean World Series was an idea of Venezuela's Oscar Prieto and Pablo Morales. Every year, the championship team of each of the countries represented participates to try to win the Caribbean baseball championship. The series used to include Cuba and Panama, but those countries later withdrew because of different reasons. Nowadays, participating teams are The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Venezuela, although Venezuela had to withdraw from the 2003 series because the general strike there prevented their baseball tournament from being celebrated. The Criollos of Caguas, Puerto Rico's runner up in their national tournament, played instead.

The series is usually played up to six games per team, although some series have had games cut from or added to the schedule. The winner of the series is the team with the most wins after each team plays six games.

Series Highlights

Important baseball players who have participated