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Canada's Walk of Fame

Canada's Walk of Fame consists of a series of stars out front of Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto, Ontario. Created in 1998, it includes athletes, coaches and other sports figures; actors, directors, writer and producers of movies, television and stage; singers, songwriters and musicians; playwrights; authors; comedians; even cartoonists and supermodels.

Table of contents
1 List of Inductees
2 Comparison between the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Canada's Walk of Fame

List of Inductees

This list of inductees to Canada's Walk of Fame is currently incomplete, and is gradually being built to by Wikipedians. In this list, entries are as follows: Name (Profession[s], year of induction, ceremonial introducer if known, hometown) This list is also available ordered by profession.

2003 Ceremony

Broadcast live on television for the first time, a national broadcast was shown on
Global Television from 9-11 pm, Wednesday, June 25th. This gala and the television broadcast was hosted by Andrea Martin. Colin Mochrie delivered a newscast during the gala, based on both the Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live and This Hour Has 22 Minutes, a Canadian satirical show in which he no longer co-stars.

Comparison between the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Canada's Walk of Fame

Although it initially seems much like its closest American counterpart, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Canada's Walk of Fame differs in many ways.

The Hollywood Walk allows only celebrities of the silver screen, television, radio and singers/musicians, Canada's Walk allows people of much diverse occupations, as listed above. While most celebrities on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are American or have achieved their fame in America, Canada's Walk of Fame is exclusive to Canadians. This is as very few Americans come to Canada and achieve fame; so an international allowance is redundant. This is not to say immigrants are not allowed, only the celebrity must have held Canadian citizenship or had a primary residence in the country at one point. As Canada's entertainment industry slowly blossoms though, more actors, singers and other creative personalities might start to do so.

Both Walks have stars signifying each celebrity's spot, but the American path requires an upkeep fee, unlike the Canadian counterpart which actually is a true hall of fame. Whereas any star that meets criteria can essentially buy their way into the American walk, Canadian are selected via a supervising committee, and thus must earn their honour. Finally, Canadians stars are inducted in an annual group ceremony; Hollywood rarely inducts more than two major stars at a time.