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Newmarket, Ontario

Newmarket (2001 population 65,788) is a town located roughly 40 miles north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is part of the Greater Toronto Area.

The town was founded in 1801 as a Quaker settlement led by Timothy Rogers. Several mills were soon built to supply the residents, and the amount of goods produced by the local mills and farms gained it the name "New Market" (as opposed to Toronto, the "old market".)

Newmarket was incorporated as a village in 1857 and a town in 1880. By the 1950s, Newmarket experienced a suburban building boom due to its proximity to Toronto. Newmarket is a thriving community onto itself, with a strong awareness of its own history. Newmarket is not a new bedroom community, it is a very old and industrious town that is rich with heritage.

North: East Gwillimbury
West: King Newmarket East: Whitchurch-Stouffville
South: Aurora