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Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson (born Paul Bruce Dickinson) August 7 1958 in Worksop Notts, England) is the singer in the heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

Bruce Dickinson's other talents include literature, authoring, Olympic standard fencing, train technology and piloting Boeing 737 charter jets. He is sometimes called "Conan the Librarian" after a character in the Weird Al Yankovic movie UHF.

Bruce currently presents the saturday evening "rock show" and the Sunday evening "Freak Zone" on BBC alternative music radio station 6 Music. He has recently taken the helm of BBC Radio 2 Serial, Masters of Rock

Bruce is a First Officer for the UK charter airline Astraeus.

Bruce is also a loving Husband and Father.

He is also noticeably short heightwise.

Books written by Bruce Dickinson

Albums by Iron Maiden with Bruce on Vocals

Bruce left Maiden in 1993 to pursue a solo career, and returned with: