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Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy (born November 10, 1977) is a young American actress who is perhaps best known for her participation as Ty in Clueless.

Murphy was born in Atlanta, but was a frequent traveller since she was young; she moved to the New York area and from there, to Burbank, California, with her mother, who had divorced her father when Murphy was young. When she was nine years old, she landed a singing role on Les Misérables, and by the time she was 13, she already had a manager. Murphy landed her first job at Hollywood when she was 14, participating in a show named Drexell's Class.

In 2003, Murphy, who is a natural brunette, has dyed her hair and will make her debut as a blond in the feature film Just Married, alongside actor Ashton Kutcher.

Her filmography goes as follows:

Murphy has been listed, for three years in a row, among the best 5 autograph signers in Hollywood by autograph magazine Autograph Collectors.