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Clueless was a film directed by Amy Heckerling in 1995. Loosely based on the novel Emma by Jane Austen, the film tells the story of Cher (played in what was a breakthrough role by actor Alicia Silverstone,) a valley girl who, although happy in her somewhat self-centered world of shopping and fashion, longs to prove herself as an intellectual and do-gooder. She, along with her friend Dionne (actress Stacey Dash,) decide to give a personality make-over to a "tragicly unhip" new girl, Ty (actress Brittany Murphy). Things backfire, though, when Ty's popularity begins to surpass Cher's, and she has to question what is most important in the life of a wealthy, gorgeous teenager girl.

The film was co-written by (and co-starred) comedienne Julie Brown and co-starred actors Donald Faison, Paul Rudd and Wallace Shawn.