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Breda (population 160,000) is a city in the southern part of the Netherlands, in the province of Noord-Brabant. The rivers Mark and Aa come together here.

The municipality also comprises the following towns, villages and townships: Bavel, De Rith, Effen, Eikberg, Haagse Beemden, Hoeveneind, Kerkeind, Lies, Prinsenbeek, Roosberg, Strikberg, Teteringen, Ulvenhout.

The city itself has the following suburban neighbourhoods: Princenhage (former village), Ginneken (former village), de Haagse Beemden (newly built neigbourhood) and de Hoge Vucht (newly built neigbourhood)

The Dutch Royal Military Academy, Koninklijke Militaire Academie, is located here.

Economic activities are mainly industrial. Breda traditionally was (and still is) a center of the candy industry. Breda also has a sugar factory. Breda also has a city center with beautiful old buildings and singels (moats). The shops and a shopping mall are located here.

Breda has train stations Breda and Breda-Prinsenbeek, providing connections with Holland (Dordrecht - Rotterdam - Den Haag) and Tilburg - Eindhoven/Den Bosch, and from station Breda also to Roosendaal with connection to Vlissingen.

Until 1795 Breda was (part of) the barony Breda; the baron was also count of Nassau, Germany; Prince of Orange and stadtholders of the Dutch Republic (from 1572-1650, 1672-1702, 1747-1795).

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Alternate use: Breda (machine gun)