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This is about the Dutch city of Dordrecht. There is also Dordrecht, South Africa.

Dordrecht (population 120,021 (2001)) is a city in the Dutch province of South Holland, the third largest city of the province. The city can be found at the place where the Beneden Merwede river splits into Noord River, Oude Maas and Dordtse Kil.

The municipality covers the Dordrecht Island, on the northwest of which the city is located.

Dordrecht has ship building, wood and metal industry, and a minor sea harbour.

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Dordrecht received city rights in 1220, making it the oldest city in present-day Holland. In 1421, the Saint Elisabeth flood drowned large parts of southern Holland, causing Dordrecht to become an island. Its strategic position made it an important market city (starting in 1299), where wine, wood and grain were traded.

In 1572, representants of all cities from Holland gathered in Dordrecht to declare their independence of Spain and acknowledge William of Orange as the leader of the fletchling Dutch state. In 1618/1619, an important religious meeting took place, called the synod of Dordt, deciding between two main factions in the Dutch reformed church, and planning for the Statenvertaling, the first Dutch Bible translation. In the 18th century, the importance of Dordrecht started to diminish, and Rotterdam became the main city in the region.

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