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Blackheath railway station

Blackheath railway station is situated in the heart of Blackheath village in London. The track passes through the village and crossed by a bridge, upon which road traffic can pass.

Much of the original station, dating back at track level to 1849 and at ticket office level to 1879, remains. It was built using London brick to a design by George Smith (architect) (who also built Greenwich railway station).

Blackheath's station has two platforms which are partially covered with a weather canopy. On the southern platform a disused track marks where trains to a construction depot once terminated. The area to the north (now a car-park) was formerly an area of railway sidings.

Services today are available to central London via Lewisham and to north Kent via the Woolwich and Bexleyheath lines. All routes are currently served by the French Connex Rail company, holders of the franchise.

The station cannot be relied upon as a way of reaching Blackheath during November's famous free firework show, as it normally closes early on that day for safety reasons. In April however on the Sunday of the London Marathon it is crucial in enabling athletes and their supporters to reach the starting line, as on that day bus services across the heath are usually suspended. The lively Blackheath Halls are conveniently close to the station.