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Bhagwan Das

Bhagwan Das (January 12, 1869 - September 18, 1958) was an Indian philosopher and public figure. For a time he served in the Central Legislative Assembly of undivided India. He became allied with the Hindustani Culture Society and was active in opposing rioting as a form of protest. As a fighter for national freedom from the British rule, he was often in danger of reprisals from the Colonial government.

Born in Varanasi, India, he graduated school to became a deputy in the collections bureau, and later left to continue his academic pursuits. With Dr. Annie Basent he formed a professional collaboration which lead to the founding of the Central Hindu College, which became Benaras Hindu University. Das would later found the Kashi Vidya Peeth, a national university where he served as headmaster. Das was a scholar of Sanskrit, from which he added to the body of Hindi language. He wrote approximately 30 books, many of these in Sanskrit and Hindi. Das received the Bharat Ratna award in 1955.