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In Hinduism, Arjuna is the hero of the epic Mahabharat. He is the son of the king Pandu and his wife Kunti, although he is also the son of the god Indra. Arjuna is the third eldest of the five Pandava brothers. In the epic (which spans the course of his entire life), Arjuna becomes the greatest warrior of all time, attaining knowledge of all the weapons in the world. He is also the close friend of Krishna, an incarnation of the god Vishnu. The Bhagavad Gita, one of the most important texts of modern Hinduism, describes a conversation between Krishna and Arjuna.

The Arjuna asteroids are a class of near-Earth asteroids whose orbits are very Earth-like in character, having low inclination, orbital periods close to one Earth year, and low eccentricity. Arjunas are very uncommon, but of significance owing to the extremely low delta V required to reach them from Earth.

See also Apollo, Amor and Aten asteroids.

The Arjuna awards were instituted in 1961 to recognize outstanding achievement in Indian sports. The award carries a cash prize of Rs 50,000, a bronze statuette of Arjuna and a scroll.