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Archie Comics

Archie Comics is a series of comics featuring Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Reggie Mantle and Forsythe "Jughead" Jones. Archie was conceived by John L. Goldwater who was influenced by the Andy Hardy movie series that starred Mickey Rooney. The strip was originally drawn by Bob Montana (who continued until his death in 1975), and written by Vic Bloom. Archie made his first appearance in issue 22 of Pep Comics in December 1941 to replace Madam Satan. In 60 years he still has not graduated from high school.

Other characters in the Archie Universe include

  1. Dilton Doiley
  2. Mr. Waldo Weatherbee
  3. Mr. Hiram Lodge
  4. Moose Mason
  5. Midge Klump
  6. Chuck Clayton
  7. Pop Tate
  8. Cheryl Blossom
  9. Coach Kleats
  10. Coach Clayton
  11. Big Ethel
  12. and all of the teenagers' parents.

Other characters that had direct spinoffs from the Archie Universe include

  1. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
  2. Josie and the Pussycats

Other stories published by Archie Comics include

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


The Archie search engine and Veronica search sngine were named after the characters Archie and Veronica.