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Amadeus IV of Savoy

Amadeus IV (b. 1197- d. 1253) was Count of Savoy from 1233 to 1253


1. in 1217 or 1218 to Margerat of Albon, (b.1192-d.1242), daughter of Hugh III of Burgundy and had 3 children.
1. Bonifacio
2. Margaret, d. 1264, married in 1228 to Boniface II of Montferrato (reigned 1235-1253) and had children including:
William VII of Montferrato (reigned 1253-1292)
3. Beatrice, d. 1259, married to
1. Manfredi III di Saluzzo (reigned 1215-1244) and had (more than 1 child ?) including:
Thomas I, Marquis of Saluzzo (reigned 1244-1296)
2. Manfred of Hohenstaufen, son of Frederick II, and had (more than 1 child ?) including:
Constanza, d. 1302, married in 1262 to Peter III of Aragon

2. in 1244 to Cecilia of Baux, d. 1275 and had a daughter:
Beatrice Contessan, Nun at Le Betton (d. February 23 1292) and married to
1. Peter of Chalon?, d. 1274, son of John I of Burgundy
2. Manuel of Castile
Preceded by:
Tommaso I
House of Savoy Succeeded by: