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North American Airlines

North American Airlines (IATA: NA) is a charter airline operating out of JFK International Airport.

North American's humble beginnings were back in 1989, when the airline started flying charter flights on Boeing 757 aircraft. They have been a faithful Boeing customer ever since.

North American's slow but steady growth kept going through the turbulent 1990's. They soon added flights to San Juan, various spots in Mexico and a few other places.

During that decade, North American also started a regular flight, from Los Angeles International Airport to New York. The flight was to compliment El Al's already existing LAX-JFK-Tel Aviv run and provide the Israeli airline with more passengers. North American also opened operations in Newark, New Jersey at that time.

A relatively small airline in comparison with others, North American has nonetheless, opened flights to diverse worldwide destinations, such as Aguadilla, Guyana and various other points in South America, Europe, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, Africa and Asia.

In addition to the Boeing 757's, North American has also added Boeing 737's to their fleet.