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Alternate uses: Zurich (disambiguation)
Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland (population 364,558 in 2002) and capital of the canton of Zürich. The city is Switzerland's main commercial centre, and home to the country's largest airport.

The origin of the name is most likely the Celtic word Turus, a corroborating reference to which was found on a tomb inscription dating from the Roman occupation in the 2nd century AD. The roman name for the town was Turicum and in the local dialect it is called Züri (pronounced tsyri SAMPA).

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Situated where the river Limmat leaves the Lake Zürich, surrounded by wooded hills. The river Sihl meets with the Limmat at the end of Platzspitz, which borders the Swiss National Museum (Landesmuseum).


Industry and commerce

UBS, Credit Suisse and many private banks have their headquarters in Zürich. Commercial center of Switzerland.


Education and research


Famous children of Zurich


External links

General view showing Grossmünster church

Fraumünster church

St. Peter church