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Zhongshan (中山 Pinyin: Zhōngshān) is a city in the south of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong province in China. The city was originally a county renamed in honour of Dr. Sun Zhongshan. Dr. Sun was born Sun Yat-sen in Cuiheng of this place.

Prior to the name change, it was called Xiangshan County (香山縣 "Fragrant Mountain") and was part of Yuehai Circuit (粵海道).

Primary productions are agricultural, such as rice, lychee, banana, and sugar cane.

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It contains 24 towns, five district offices and a development zone. Zhongshan Torch High-Tech Industrial Development Zone (中山火炬高技术产业开发区) was established in 1987. Since 2001, it has contained Zhongshan Electronic Base of China (中国电子中山基地).

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Zhongshan was a state in the Zhou Dynasty located in modern Ding County (定縣), Hebei Province. It first came under the protection of the State of Wei during the Warring States Period and later regained its independence for years. It was eventually absorbed into the state of Zhao. Area of today's Ding County had since become part of the ancient Zhongshan Commandry. The commandry capital Zhongshan city, was an economic center since the Eastern Han Dynasty until the Tang Dynasty. and the capital of Later Yan.

In a Chinese legend, Zhongshan was a tavern where Liu Yuanshi (劉元石) drank and never woke up. Thinking that he was dead, Liu's family buried him. However, a thousand days later, when the bartender came visting the Liu family, Liu Yuanshi awoke from his coffin.