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A lychee (荔枝, in Pinyin lýzhī) (Litchi chinensis Sonn., Sapindaceae), also spelled litchi, is a tropical fruit native to southern China. A dark brown stone is crusted with sweet, white, translucent meat. The outside is red with rough texture tough rind. The rind turns dark brown when the fruit is refrigerated though the taste is not affected. The fruit is sometimes compared to a grape.

This fruit can usually be found fresh during July through August in Chinese markets. It can be found canned year-round.

There is a Cantonese saying: "one lychee = three torches of fire". It refers to the extreme Yang property of the fruit.

Over consumption of lychee is reported to lead to dried lips and nose bleed in some people. In contrast, the longan is purported to have a nourishing property.