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Yang di-Pertua Negeri

Yang di-Pertua Negeri, literally the "head of state" in Malay, is the title of the largely symbolic state Governors of the Malaysian states of Penang, Malacca, Sabah and Sarawak, who are appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or King of Malaysia.

Previously while the states of Penang, Malacca and Sarawak had Governors or Yang di-Pertua Negeri, the state of Sabah (until 1976) had a Yang di-Pertua Negara while the state of Singapore (between 1959 and 1965) had a Yang di-Pertuan Negara. In present day usage negeri and negara mean "state (sub-national)" and "state (country)" respectively, while the finer distinction between Yang di-Pertua and Yang di-Pertuan is similar to the English "head" and "ruler".

The Yang di-Pertuan Negara of Head of State of Singapore replaced the British colonial Governor under the constitution of 1959 which granted Singapore limited self-government. This title was retained when Singapore became a state of Malaysia in 1963, but was replaced by the title of President when Singapore became an independent Republic in 1965.

The Sultan of Brunei is Yang di-Pertuan Negara or Head of State of Brunei.

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