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Ximian is a company that provides open source desktop applications for Linux and UNIX. Ximian (originally called Helix Code) was founded by Miguel de Icaza and Nat Friedman in October 1999, and was bought by Novell in August 2003. Novell intends to continue and extend development of all Ximian's current projects using the Ximian name, whilst adding support for its own Groupwise and ZenWorks software.

Ximian both develops new products and "polishes" existing open source projects to provide more consistent operation. These projects are packaged into its Ximian Desktop product - a range of integrated open source applications intended to provide all the tools a typical business user might require. So-called "Ximianized" versions of GNOME, and Gaim exist, along with the following completely new applications:

Ximian is founding member of the Desktop Linux Consortium and drives the development of Mono, a free software Microsoft .NET replacement.

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