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Xenogears terms

Y-Data Xenogears is a role-playing game for the Sony PlayStation. This is a glossary of names and terms in the game. Warning: This page contains spoilers.

;Abel : One of the few survivors of the planet that was destroyed by the Yabeh Weapon System. While onboard the Eldridge Able came into contact with the Wave Existence inside of the Zohar. The Wave Existence gave Abel its power so one day he could destory Zohar so the Existence could ascend back to the higher dimension it came from. Abel had been searching for his mother when he made contact and wanted to be with her so when he made contact with the Existence it received a mother's will. It construced a woman using Kadamony to be with Abel but Deus transfored the woman into the original Miang. Abel was the only human survivor of the Eldridge crash.

;Aveh : One of the two kingdoms of the Ignas continent. It is currently at war with the kingdom of Kislev. Aveh was losing the war with Kislev until the Gebler military force from Solaris began assisting Aveh with military support. It is located in the desert of Ignas and was founded by Roni Fatima five hundred years ago after the great war with Solaris.

; Deus : The main component of the Yabeh Weapon System.

; Eldridge : A Philadelphia Class interstellar war ship. The Eldridge was sent to the planet destroyed by the Yabeh Weapon System to collect survivors and retrieve the weapon. Eldridge was to transport the weapon to an uninhabited planet but Deus realized what was happening and took control of the ship. The captain tried to regain control but could not. He then caused the ship to self destruct to protect the people of the universe from it but before he did a child named Abel had already made contact with the Wave Existence inside of the Zohar Modifier. It is interesting to note that Eldridge is the name of the small US Navy ship alleged to have been involved in the famed Philadelphia Experiment.

; Emperor Cain : The first human to be born on the planet along with the Gazel Ministry.

; Gazel : A term used when referring to pure blooded citizens of Solaris.

; Gears : Human-shaped robots used for fighting. The source of the power that allows the Gears to operate is the Zohar Modifier.

; Gebler : The special military force of Solaris.

; Ignas : The largest continent. It is made up of the kingdoms of Aveh and Kislev. The two kingdoms have been at war with each other for hundreds of years.

; Kislev : The second country on the continent of Ignas. Kislev is in the northern part of the continent. It was founded around five hundred years ago after the war with Solaris. Kislev has been at war with neighboring Aveh for hundreds of years but has currently gained the upper had in the war due to better resources found in the ruins in Kislev's borders.

; Lamb : Term used by the people of Solaris when referring to people that live on the planet's surface.

; Lost Jerusalem : The name given to Earth in the year T.C. 0016. Due to unknown reasons Earth became inaccessible to humans during that time. Since then it has been called Lost Jerusalem and is considered a holy place.

; Neo Jerusalem : The name of the planet that the humans settled after Lost Jerusalem became inaccessible. Neo Jerusalem was discovered in the year T.C. 294. Neo Jerusalem is located in the M24 Milky Way Star Cloud within the Sagittarius constellation.

; Shevat : A country that floats in the sky and opposes Solaris. Shevat used to be at the top of Babel Tower but is currently airborne. After the resurrection of Deus, Shevat fell from the sky and landed in the snowfields near the planet's south pole.

; Transcend Christ : In the year 2510 A.D., the world-wide central management organization responsible for the space emigration plan changed the current calendar from A.D. to Transcend Christ (T.C.)

; Yabeh Weapon System : Said to have been created by the humans during the Cosmos War. The Yabeh system's main component was called Deus and its power source was the Zohar Modifier. During the initial test of the system Deus went out of control and connected to a higher dimension to attain more power. The resulting connection pulled the Wave Existence from the higher dimension and trapped it inside the Zohar Modifier. The power it got for the Wave Existence was too much and Deus went out of control and destroyed a colony planet before it shut down. The war ship Eldridge was sent to the planet to search the system and recover any surviors that were left.

; Wave Existence : A being from a higher dimension. It was trapped inside the Zohar Modifier during the initial test of the Yabeh Weapon System. It is responsible for the energy that powers the Gears and people's ether abilities.

; Zohar Modifier : A monolith-shaped object that was found on Earth in the year 2001. The scientists that studied it discovered that it was capable of producing almost infinite amounts of energy. In the year T.C. 4767 it was made into the power source of the Yabeh Weapon System. In Episode V the Zohar Modifier is responsible for the ether power that the people of the world use and is the main power source of all the Gears in the world.