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Wolf's Head

Wolf's Head is a secret society that was founded in 1883.

Source Yale Herald article:

"George H. W. Bush, DC '48, William F. Buckley, DC '50, and Garry Trudeau, DC '70: some of the most illustrious Eli alums have been members of Yale's infamous secret societies. Although associations such as Skull and Bones, Book and Snake, and Scroll and Key are inextricably linked to the Yale name, these societies actually play a small part in the lives of most undergraduates since they consist solely of seniors. Nonetheless, the looming presence of their various "tombs" around the campus and the mystique they inspire make secret societies an intriguing part of Yale life."

"The dark, ancient "tombs" where the societies meet add to their air of bizarre mystery. Hardly noticeable to the casual passer-by, the tombs have few or no windows and are surrounded by locked gates. Skull and Bones is located on High Street next to Street Hall; Book and Snake faces the Grove Street Cemetery; Wolf's Head is on York Street next to the Dramat; Berzelius is on Whitney and Temple Streets; Scroll and Key is on College and Wall. One rarely sees anyone go in or out, and the details of what transpires inside are kept as secret as possible. Rumor has it that Skull and Bones has the highest water bill in all of New Haven—enough to fill several swimming pools every month. Rumpus, Yale's campus tabloid, routinely reports on societies' naked parties and debauched rituals."