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William P. Hobby Airport

William P. Hobby Airport is named after former Texas governor William P. Hobby and is located in Houston, Texas. Its IATA Airport is HOU.

It was first called Houston Municipal Airport in 1937. It was named Howard R. Hughes Airport in 1938, but because the person was alive at the time, the airport's name changed back to Houston Municipal.

In 1950, Pan Am started a Houston-Mexico City flight, and in 1954, the name was changed to Houston International Airport. KLM started Amsterdam operations in 1957. KLM later moved to George Bush Intercontinental Airport, where it remains today.

Houston Intercontinental Airport (now known as George Bush Intercontinental Airport) was built in 1969 because of limitations on expansion to Hobby. All commercial aviation operations at Hobby were moved to Houston Intercontinental upon completion.

Hobby was reopened to commercial aviation in 1971.

Hobby has a lot of low-fare carrier operations, as opposed to Bush Airport's hub operation with Continental Airlines. Businessmen on shorter routes to Houston from within the United States tend to prefer Hobby over Bush Intercontinental.

METRO's METRORail is slated to come to Hobby Airport from downtown.

Hobby Airport has three Concourses.

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1 Concourse A
2 Concourse B
3 Concourse C

Concourse A

Concourse B

Concourse C

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