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Westwood Studios

Westwood Studios was an American developer of computer and video games.

The company was founded as Westwood Associates by Brett Sperry and Louis Castle in 1985.

Their first projects were contract work for companies like Epyx and SSI, porting 8-bit titles to 16-bit systems like Commodore Amiga and Atari ST. Their first original title was Mars Saga, developed for Electronic Arts in 1988. Other publishers that published Westwood games were Infocom and Disney. One of Westwood's first hits was Eye of the Beholder, a real-time role-playing game (RPG) based on the AD&D license, developed for SSI.

In 1992, the company was renamed Westwood Studios and sold to Virgin Interactive.

Some of the famous games from this period include Dune II, the adventure game The Legend of Kyrandia and the RPG Lands of Lore.

Westwood's biggest hit was the real-time strategy game Command & Conquer released in 1995.

Kyrandia, Lands of Lore and Command & Conquer all spawned multiple sequels.

In 1998, Westwood was acquired by Electronic Arts. In March of 2003, the studio was closed by EA and all willing staff was absorbed into the EA L.A. studio. Their final product was the MMORPG Earth & Beyond.

Examples of games that Westwood has developed:

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