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Command and Conquer

Command and Conquer is a real-time strategy series of computer games released by the game developer Westwood Studios.

The Tiberian Command and Conquer series features two warring factions called the GDI (Global Defense Initiative) and The Brotherhood of Nod. Both factions war over control of the useful alien material called Tiberium. Tiberium was named after being discovered near the Tiber River and collects valuable materials from the ground where it grows. Tiberium is, on top of being a useful material, a radioactive biohazardous material that can cause genetic mutations to occur. The Brotherhood of Nod utilizes Tiberium in various weapons. A notable scientist in the field of Tiberium is Dr. Mobius, who first discovered its value.

In the original Command and Conquer, the Nod leader, Kane, eventually gets hit with a powerful space-based weapon called an Ion Cannon by the GDI.

In Tiberian Sun, the two factions continue their ongoing war with each other when Kane of Nod comes back from the dead to destroy the GDI.

In Tiberian Sun: Firestorm, GDI fights Nod while its computer system CABAL becomes a renegade faction of its own after it turns on its original creators. Nod then, without a computer system to help them, falls into disarray and steals GDI's Electronic Video Assistant.

Command and Conquer: Renegade is a first-person shooter game that takes place in the world of the original Command and Conquer.

Games in the Tiberian Command and Conquer series are:

The spin-off Red Alert series is set in an alternate timeline, created when a time traveller assassinates an important historical figure, in which the Soviet Union attempts to invade the United States.

Command and Conquer: Generals is a new (and completely different) real-time strategy game. Unkike any other game from this series, this title and the expansion (Zero Hour) were developed by Electronic Arts Pacific (EAP). Despite the sale of Westwood to EA, the same development team that created Red Alert 2 deloped Generals . It utilizes Westwood's W3D engine developed for Renegade. It is the first Command and Conquer game to support multiple camera angles and camera zooming.
In Generals, there are three different sides, the USA, the GLA and the Chinese. The GLA is mainly a terrorist organization that is trying to take over the world. The Chinese and the USA are frequent targets of the GLA. In the end, the USA ends up destroying the GLA. This story is followed by the game´s expansion pack: Command and Conquer Generals: Zero:Hour

Other games made by Westwood Studios:

There is also an open source project (not affiliated with Westwood) called FreeCNC that aims to clone the gameplay and allow users to play on non-Win32 operating systems, and that uses the original game graphic files.