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Wessex Regionalist Party

The Wessex Regionalist Party was formed in 1974 by Alexander Thynne. It is a minor political party formed to try and establish some form of legislative and administrative devolved system for the area known as Wessex, in the south-west of England. It was established in response to growing demands for home rule in both Scotland and Wales arguing that devolution there would neccesitate a coherent federal system across the United Kingdom as a whole.

They have contested some constituencies in most elections since they were established without much electoral success. They have actively participated in the Wessex Constitutional Convention since its establishment.

Their political ambitions are roughly equivalent to that of Mebyon Kernow's proposals for the future of Cornwall. They are not happy with the plans by the government to give South West England some form of assembly along the lines of the London Assembly as the area would miss out the heart of Wessex, Hampshire, notably its traditional capital, Winchester.

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