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Welsh Socialist Alliance

The Welsh Socialist Alliance is a socialist political organisation in Wales. It is closely related to, but separate from the Socialist Alliance.

It was founded by the Socialist Party of England and Wales and Cymru Goch. From the start this was an unlikely alliance given that the two principle groups involed have politics that have little in common. However as the two groups do not have members in the same towns, Cymru Goch being more or less confied to Wrexham, they grudgingly co-existed. In terns of activity the WSA actually did very little.

By late 2002 both founding organisations had left having found themselves in a minority after the Socialist Workers Party had joined. Cymru Goch resigning after it became clear that in no circumstances could they win the WSA to their pro-independence positions. The Socialist Party leaving later after finding themselves in a permanenet minority.

The WSA is now little more than a front for the SWP standing in elections. Ironically not a single founding member of the WSA retains membership.

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