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Socialist Alliance

The Socialist Alliance is a left wing electoral alliance in England. The alliance grew out of the London Socialist Alliance and other local Socialist Alliances, many of which ran in elections as the United Socialists. These were formed by the Socialist Party of England and Wales, Alliance for Workers' Liberty, Labour Left Network and independent socialists. The Welsh Socialist Alliance is closely allied to the SA but has separate origins.

The Socialist Alliance was founded in 1999, when other Trotskyist groups including the Socialist Workers Party and Workers Power joined. In the 2002 local elections, the alliance gained one councillor in Preston. The Socialist Alliance has fraternal relations with the Scottish Socialist Party.

The Socialist Alliance have been riven by feuds, mostly concerning the behaviour of the Socialist Workers Party, which is by far the largest group participating in the Alliance, and which many feel dominates it. Since 2001 both the Socialist Party of England and Wales and Workers Power have left the alliance.

In 2003 the alliance is working with George Monbiot and George Galloway to stand a joint slate for the 2004 European Parliament elections. They will be standing under the name of the Respect Coalition. Critics have alleged that the alliance is abandoning core socialist principles such as women's rights in order to win the Muslim anti-war vote.

List of organisations that currently support the Socialist Alliance

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