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Weizmann Institute of Science

Institute of higher learning and research in Rechovot, Israel. Originally founded in 1934 by Chaim Weizmann as the Daniel Sieff Research Institute, it was expanded and formally rededicated as the Weizmann Institute of Science (machon Weizmann le-mad`a) on November 2, 1949. Following further expansion and the accreditation of a graduate school, it is now best described as a research university. It presently has about 2,500 students, staff, and faculty, and offers M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, as well as several interdisciplinary programs. Two of its Computer Science faculty, Amir Pnueli and cryptographer Adi Shamir (of RSA fame), were awarded Turing Prizess (regarded as the CS equivalent of the Nobel Prize).