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A webpage or web page is a "page" of the World Wide Web, usually in HTML format (the file extensions are generally *.htm and *.html), often with associated graphics files to provide illustration, generally GIF and JPEG. It is displayed using a web browser. There are also applets (subprograms than run inside the page) which often provide motion graphics, interaction, and sound.

A web page can be larger than fits on the screen. Except in special cases a page wider than fits on the screen, requiring horizontal scrolling, is impractical and therefore avoided: see page widening. A page higher than fits on the screen is more common and not problematic; it requires vertical scrolling to see all of it.

A collection of web pages stored in a single folder or within related subfolders of a web server is known as a web site. A web page generally includes a frontpage named index.htm or index.html.

A difficulty in designing and testing web pages is that they should be suitable for many browsers and browser settings and different screen resolutions.

Webpages are linked both within and across websites.

Creating a webpage

To create a webpage, one needs an editor (a general one or a special webpage editor, like frontpage, dream weaver and so on), and a FTP program to upload the page to the web server. One can use the web browser to upload the webpage file to the server, but is not recommended.

Wiki is a special way to create or modify and upload webpages without FTP-ing or upload file, only filling a text formulary in a webpage. This page is an example.

See also home page, HTML tag.