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Weapons of Star Wars

This article is about weapons in the fictional Star Wars universe.

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2 Energy Sword
3 Lightsabers
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Blasters, the most common weapon is the E-11, a kind of weapon. Despite being called 'lasers', blasters are high power plasma weapons.

Capital scale blasters are called Turbo Lasers - according to calculations on Blaster output, Star Destroyer Turbolasers have a firepower of approximatly 30 megatons per shot.

There are many variations of blasters, pistols, carbines, cannons, assault rifles and even machine guns (E webs). For example, Princess Leia Organa wielded a Dueling Blaster when her ship was boarded by Darth Vader's forces, while Han Solo prefers a Heavy Blaster.

The average output of a blaster (data from tech manuals) is about 8 megajoules.

Stormtroopers generally carry Blastech E-11 blaster carbines. The basic E-11 is 43.8cm long (folded), and weighs 2.6 kilograms. The powercell housing opens on the left side of the action housing, above the trigger, giving the E11 a very low profile (useful when shooting prone or from a barricade), with a standard powercell providing 100 shots. The blaster gas chamber contains sufficent supplies for thirty powercells. All moving and/or metal parts are fitted with a corrosion-proof, vacuum-rated, dry lubricant. The top of the receiver has a universal, quick detach sight rail, which comes from the factory mounted with a light, ring recticle, 2x optical scope. The basic, three piece folding stock rides along the left side, under the powercell. When ordering from the factory, one may specify that they wish a fixed stock or a one-piece, right-folding stock at no extra cost.

Energy Sword

The Energy Sword is an ancient developement in weaponry. Its has ceremonial functions and was deadly precise. The energy sword was simply a plasma charged blade from a power cell in the hilt. It has a pair of focusing velmorite crystals. Velmorian duel traditions settled disputes with Energy Swords. While similar to the lightsaber of the Jedi Knights, the energy sword is not comparable in strength to the Jedi weapon.


The lightsaber is the traditional elegant weapon of the Jedi Knights in the Star Wars fictional universe. Using lightsaber in combat takes skill, confidence, dexterity, and attunement to the Force. The first Archaic Lightsabers were developed as a siege weapon, using "frozen blaster" technology. These required a separate power pack which was often worn on the back. The power sources and components were miniaturized in the construction to create the simple weapon used in the later era. Lightsabers usually come in blade colors of green, red, and blue. Green-bladed lightsabers are the most abundant version of the lightsabers, and blue-bladed lightsabers are the second most abundant. Obi-Wan Kenobi primarily wielded a blue-bladed lightsaber. Red-bladed lightsabers are used by evil Jedi Knights, which are of the Darkside of the Force. Mace Windu is the only Jedi Knight who has a purple-bladed lightsaber.

The very rare Great Lightsaber, similar to a standard lightsaber, had focusing crystals and a power supply producing a blade up to 300 centimeters in length. The rare Dual-Phase Lightsaber is any lightsaber constructed to operate at two different blade lengths. The Electrum Lightsaber are lightsabers with hilts forged from electrum.


A deviation created by the Jedi Order from standard lightsabers, the training lightsabers helped train apprentices in the use of a standard lightsaber. Training lightsabers are similar to a standard lightsaber. Its power is greatly diminished and it's size is reduced. Training lightsabers are used in combat education during the Jedi academy.


In the hands of someone trained to use the Force, a lightsaber is a powerful and versatile tool. A lightsaber can cut through anything (blast doors and enemies alike) except another lightsaber blade. With the Force, a Jedi can use his lightsaber to deflect and reflect incoming energy attacks. Lightsabers are melee weapons but can also be thrown for a ranged attack and recalled through telekinesis, a basic Jedi skill.


It is the principal weapon of the Jedi but are also used by the Sith. After the extermination of the Jedi, lightsabers became rare relics. The use of it is usually restricted to the Jedi, partially because it is too dangerous for an unskilled user. Moreover, it is a considered a final test for a Jedi student to be able to construct their own saber. Jedi Masters emphasises that the lightsaber is a measure of progress for an apprentice. A Jedi is given his lightsaber on his first day of training. Lightsaber applications take great skill and concentration.

Construction details

The lightsaber is made up of a short polished metallic cylindrical tube (30 centimeters) that emits a beam of plasma that acts as a sword blade.

All lightsabers contain some common basic components

A handgrip
An activation stud plate
A safety switch
An emitter matrix
A lens assembly (focusing crystal)
A blade-length adjuster
A power cell
A power conduit
A recharge socket
A belt ring (optional)

Lightsabers are powered from the control studs by a circuits channel and focusing crystal found only in nature on the planet Illum (emitting blue or green blades) [ed. earlier they were gathered from the planet Ruusan]. The Sith use synthetic crystals (emitting a red blade). The Dual-Phase Lightsaber used crystals that handle differring power level requirements. These are wired to the diantium power cell, which acts like an energy source for the lightsaber. The crystal is also wired to three knobs: the blade length adjust, the blade width abjust, and the activator.

When the activator is pushed, internal power cells create photoelectric energy and the blade is focused from the crystal. A tight, nono-thermal parallel beam of plasma energy appears on command which is focused through one, two, or three multi-facted crystals. The activation button energizes the weapon forming a positively-charged shaft of coherent packets of energy about a meter long. The plasma beam is attracted back to the saber hilt by a negatively-charged, high-energy flux aperature. The plasma packets are recycled to create the glowing blade by a power cell superconductor. The saber hums and scintillates with a distinct sound. Its shimmering blade is capable of cutting through almost anything, save for the blade of another lightsaber. The entire functioning processes are completely contained and self-regenerative.

The knowledge of lightsaber construction disappeared during the extermination of the Jedi.

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