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Physics and Star Wars

The Interstellar triology, Star Wars, uses science and technology in their settings and storylines, though they were not considered "hard" science fiction. Star Wars concentrates mainly on the epic drama and not on the "technobabble". It has borrowed freely from the scientific world. The series has showcased many interesting technological concepts, both in the movies and in an extensive line of novelss and comics. These vivid imaginings, and the discussions they have started amongst fanss, have inspired many people to enter the world of science.

The Star Wars movies are a vehicle for entertainment and their primary aim is to deliver drama, not scientific knowledge. Many of the on-screen technologies created or borrowed for the Star Wars universe were used mainly as plot devices, and not as elements of the story in their own right.

The iconic status that Star Wars has gained in popular culture allows it to be used as an accessible introduction to real scientific concepts. Many of the technologies used in the Star Wars universe are impossible, according to current theory. However, the process of understanding why they are considered impossible can educate people while simultaneously entertaining them.

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Star Wars technology

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