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Waverley (novel)

Waverley is a novel by Sir Walter Scott. The novel, Scott's first venture into prose fiction, was anonymously published in 1814.

Warning: wikipedia contains spoilers

The hero, Edward Waverley, has been brought up by a Jacobite uncle, Sir Edward Digby. Waverley falls in love with Rose Bradwardine, daughter of one of Digby's Jacobite friends. Despite having enlisted in the army, he goes to the Highlands and associates with active Jacobites, with the result that he is court-martialled, but Rose saves him from imprisonment. Encouraged by the beautiful Flora Mac-Ivor, Waverley goes over to the Jacobites and is involved in the Battle of Prestonpans, where he saves the life of his former colonel. Thus he escapes retribution and marries Rose.

Scott's later novels were advertised as being "by the author of Waverley". His series of novels on similar themes written during the same period have become collectively known as the "Waverley novels".