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Waseda University

Waseda University (早稲田大学 Waseda Daigaku) is one of the two most prestigious private universities in Japan (the other is Keio University). It is located on the northern side of Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward.

The school was founded by samurai scholar Okuma Shigenobu in 1882, and was designated a full university in 1902. Much of the campus was destroyed in the firebombings of Tokyo during World War II, but the university was rebuilt and reopened by 1949.

Waseda's literature program is particularly famous, and counts Murakami Haruki and Tawara Machi among its graduates. Several prominent politicians, including Mori Yoshiro and Tanaka Makiko, are also Waseda alumni.

A September 11 victim named Toshiya Kuge, who was one of the passengers on United Airlines Flight 93, was a student at this university.

Waseda was recently involved in the development of the WL-16 "walking robot."

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