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Warped Tour

Warped Tour is a touring punk/ska music and extreme sports festival. The skateboarding shoe manufacturer Vans sponsors the tour, so it is often referred to as the Vans Warped Tour.

The tour is well known for unearthing new musical talent. Bands such as Blink 182, Limp Bizkit, No Doubt and NOFX took part in the tour before becoming well known.

The Warped Tour was created in 1995 by Kevin Lyman. Lyman got the idea while working on skateboarding shows such as the Vision Skate Escape and Holiday Havoc, which included music with skateboarding contests.

In 1998, the tour went international including venues in Australia, Japan and Europe as well as the United States.

The 1999 tour started off in New Zealand and Australia in the New Year. Then starting up again in the USA for the northern hemisphere summer before ending up in Europe.

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