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NOFX is a California punk band. They were formed in 1982 by "Fat Mike", Erik Sandin and Eric Melvin.

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They released their debut EP NOFX on Mystic Records in 1984, which then surfaced in 1992 on the Maximum Rock and Roll C.D. (1992)

They recorded Liberal Animation in 1988 with Brett from Bad Religion. The album was re-released in 1991 on Brett's label Epitaph Records. NOFX had signed to epitaph by 1989, bringing out the album S&M Airlines.

By 1991 there had been a lot of changes to the band however the original three members had reunited and El Hefe joined to round out the present line-up.

It was not until the 1994 release of Punk in Drublic that the band had a popular breakthrough. The album went gold in the same year punk broke into mainstream with Offspring's Smash and Green Day's Dookie. NOFX never matched the popularity of other punk bands, and are among those who achieved popular acclaim in the mid-1990s and still kept their hardcore punk fanbase who reviled other bands that they perceive as sell-outs.

Since 1994 they have not consented to interviews and have decided not to make music videos. Their official website features a Q&A section, where they answer questions sent in by fans. NOFX has continued to release independent records throughout their career.

The band has also released many EPs (Fuck the Kids, The Longest Line) on Fat Mike's own label Fat Wreck Chords. The label houses bands such as the Mad Caddies and Lagwagon.

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