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Wang Mang

Wang Mang (王莽 Pinyin: Wng Măng) (d. 24) seized the throne from Han royalty and founded Xin (新, means "new") Dynasty in 9 but was overthrown fourteen years later. The throne was then returned to Liu family.

Xin Dynasty Sovereigns
Born Names Period of Reigns Era Names (Nian Hao 年號) and their according range of years
Wang Mang 9-23 Shijianguo (始建國 shi3 jian4 guo1, "Start to establish a nation") 9- 13
   Tianfeng (天鳳 tian1 feng1, "Heavenly Feng") 14-19
Dihuang (地皇 di4 huang2, "Earthly Emperor") 20-23