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Volver a Empezar

Volver A Empezar is a popular Mexican soap opera of the 1990's, filled with action, intrigue and light hearted moments.

Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers

It stars Mexican diva Yuri as Reni, Puerto Rican singing legend Chayanne as himself, Carlos Miguel as Poncho and Pilar Montenegro as Jessica. Reni is a 20 year old whose father leaves her a fortune upon dying, and who dreams of someday meeting Chayanne, who is (in real life and in the soap opera) an international singing star and teen idol. The dream comes true because Renis boyfriend, named Santiago is a music producer and he arranges for the meeting to happen after one of Chayanne's concerts.

As the drama unfolds, Reni becomes famous and she and Chayanne start a close friendship which later turns into romance. Santiago becomes increasingly jealous and evil. Reni becomes afraid of Santiago and starts seeing him less and less. Then Santiago 's lawyer, Tony, played by Guillermo Garcia Cantú, starts to develop an interest for Reni.

While all this is going , in Reni 's house, her sister Sandra, (played by Claudia Silva) becomes increasingly jealous of Reni 's success and the fact their father left Reni the family fortune. Unknown to the tv viewer for most of the soap is the fact Sandra had a degenerative mental illness and that was why Reni 's father left Reni the fortune and not Sandra.

Sandra and Santiago have a diabolic plan where they will make Reni have an accident during one of her concerts, and the plan works, leaving Reni paralized and with amnesia after her fall. Eventually, she recovers her mind and begins to walk again, and she plans her return to the world of show business under the name of Chakira (not to be confused with the real life singer Shakira). She uses that name so not to tip off her enemies as to who she really is and that she's still alive.

Through all of this, and before Reni 's accident happened, a fan of hers, Lalo,(played by Eduardo Changerotti) becomes her friend and falls in love with her, causing the ire of Jessica, (Pilar Montenegro), who has just broken up with Poncho (Carlos Miguel). Jessica becomes enemies with Reni and her attraction towards Lalo in turn makes Poncho mad and jealous too.

Chayanne had to go away from Reni because of his professional compromises and Tony started to move in on her. He became her greatest friend during the time she was in the wheelchair, and a great deal of love grew between them.

Tony ended up protecting Reni from Santiago, who ends up paralyzed. Jessica moved to Guadalajara after finding she was suffering a terrible disease, Lalo dies in a motorcycle clash, Chayanne decides that he and Reni should stay only as good friends because of their busy singing career schedules, Sandra gets committed to a mental hospital, Reni starts using her real name again and makes a big comeback into the musical world, she goes on tour, and Tony gets married to her and later on, they have a family.

Volver A Empezar, produced by Televisa in 1994, is one of Mexico's most popular soap operas in history.