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Chayanne (born June 28, 1968) is a singer who was born as Elmer Figueroa de Arce in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico.

Figueroa began using the artistic name of "Chayanne" when he was a little kid. He auditioned for Menudo, but was told that at the time that he was too little for that group. He didn't give up and he heard that Titi Soto was trying to create a new group that would compete with Menudo, and so he went and tried out. He was chosen for the group and his meteoric rise to the top began.

That group, Los Chicos, made several #1 hits, including Puerto Rico Son Los Chicos, and Terremoto. And while it never was as popular as Menudo was, it did give Menudo good competition, becoming famous all over Latin America, participating in a movie (Coneccion Caribe), and producing millions of Los Chicos-related memorabilia like t-shirts, rulers, magazines etc.

After Los Chicos went bankrupt in 1984 and separated, Chayanne, having become famous all over Latin America, retired for a little while, moving to Mexico and staying in the background for a few years, so his fans wouldn't get tired of seeing him. In 1987, he came back like a storm, his first solo album producing the Spanish pop classic Fiesta En America. Chayanne was back. He became an instant teen idol all over Latin America again. He toured every country that speaks Spanish, and in [1989]] he produced his second solo album, which produced another smash hit in Tu Pirata Soy Yo.

The 1990s brought some changes for Chayanne. He tried his hand at acting, married Marilisa Mayonese, with whom he formed a family, and moved to Miami. His acting jobs include being himself in Volver a Empezar, playing a Cuban dancer along with Vanessa Williams in Hollywood's Dance With Me, and a few soap operas in Argentina. He has also kept on touring and producing CDs, and along with Ricky Martin, is considered to be Puerto Rico's biggest teen idol ever.