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Vocalion Records

Vocalion Records was a record label historically active in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

Vocalion was founded in 1916 by the Aeolian Piano Company of New York City, which also introduced a line of phonographs at the same time. The label first issued single sided vertical cut disc records, soon switching to double sided, then switching to the more common lateral cut system in 1920.

Vocalion pressed their discs in a good quality redish-brown shellac, which set the product apart from the usual black shellac used by other labels. Advertisements stated "Vocalion Red Records are best", "Red Records last longer". However the shellac was no more durable than good quality black shellac. Vocalion red surfaces are less hardy than contemprary Victor Records.

Audio fidelity of Vocalion records are well above average for the era.

In 1925 the label was acquired by Brunswick Records.

In 1931 Vocalion was acquired by the American Record Corporation.

Vocalion then became a subsidiary of Columbia Records.

The Vocalion label was discontinued in 1940.

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